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The Plan Day 6: Sneaking into Scotland

Plan for Day 6: Morecambe to Ayr
(350 miles, approx. 8 hours)

Day 6 can be summarised as "round the edge of the Lake District and along the south-west coast of Scotland". The day starts by heading north out of Morecambe and onto the A6 (single-digit A-road number 4) through Carnforth before heading on the A590 to Ulverston and then on to Barrow-in-Furness. The route then heads north to Whitehaven and Workington, both places where I thought "oo, I've heard of them" and then remembered that was due to a shooting-spree and a flood...
The A595. Could be interesting...
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Cheerfully onwards I will go heading back in-land towards Carlisle and on to one of Britian's newest roads, the snappily titled "Carlisle Northern Distributor Road". I'm told it has lots of roundabouts. Across the M6 and onto the A7 (number 5), I will then head back towards Gretna and head into Scotland on the B7076. Yes, the B7076, as I explained in my first post, the alternative is really, really, really far (up via Hawick and Selkirk). I can't use the motorway there instead either as you can't get onto the A74(M) northbound at J45 to come off at J22, which of course is the junction after 45. Makes sense, really. 

... and has more flowers of it's side of the border.
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Having left England (and it being 3 days until I will return) I will be heading west on the A75 and will then reach Dumfries. From there it's a long drive along the coast of the Solway Firth, Wigtown Bay and Luce Bay before eventually making it to Stranraer. From there it is north once again up the A77 and A719 to Ayr.

My directions are as follows:

  1. A589 becomes A5105 towards A6 at Carnforth
  2. Follow A6 to A590
  3. A590 to Ulverston
  4. A5087 towards Bardsea
  5. Follow A5087 into Barrow town centre
  6. A590, follow signs for M6
  7. A595 towards Workington
  8. Follow A595 until A5093 towards Millom
  9. A5093 in and out of Millom, becomes A595
  10. A595 through Egremont
  11. A5094 into and out of Whitehaven
  12. Almost at Workington, A597 to Harrington
  13. Follow A597, then A596 towards Carlisle
  14. A595 towards Carlisle
  15. A698 around Carlisle
  16. M6 J44, take A7 north
  17. At Longtown, A6071 to Gretna
  18. Follow B7076 through Gretna to A75 towards Dumfries
  19. At Dumfries take A780.
  20. Left at mrb towards Solway Coast (A710)
  21. Follow A756 then left onto A710 towards New Abbey
  22. Follow A710 to Dalbeattie, then left and left for A711 to Auchencairn
  23. Follow A711 to Kirkcudbright
  24. At town centre in Kcb, left onto A755
  25. Left onto A75 to Newton Stewart
  26. R/b at Newton Stewart, left onto A714 to Wigtown
  27. Follow signs for A714 Port William
  28. Becomes A746, then A747
  29. Left onto A75 at Glenluce
  30. Follow A75 to Stranraer
  31. At Stranraer, right (kirkholm) then right to A77 (Ayr)
  32. At Turnberry, left to A719 (Ayr)
  33. Follow a719 to Ayr 
Morecambe to Stranraer (couple of mistakes in this one, but you get the idea)

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