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The Plan Day 5: Nimbly through North Wales and North-West England

Plan for Day 5: Holyhead to Morecambe

(226 miles, approx. 7.5 hours)

Day 5 is about lots of tunnels, well, 4 of them.  The day starts by crossing out of Holy Island on the bridge next to the one that I came into it on, skirting around the edge of Anglesey and heading back to Llanfair PG. Crossing the Menai Bridge this time (that's the one in my blog background) I will head through Bangor, where I may or may not have a lovely time, and then onto the whizzy, shiny, A55. There's a couple of somewhat odd tunnels heading on the A55 eastbound, both of which date from the early 1930s. Westbound has 2 more modern constructs built in the 1980s with the plan having once been that eastbound would get new tunnels later. Hasn't happened yet. There is then the tunnel under the River Conwy before a dash into and out of Llandudno, another place that looks like it will have rubbish signing.

Tunnels at Penmaen-bach, so you know what tunnels look like.
© Copyright Ian Warburton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Through Colwyn Bay I will leave the A55 around Abergele and wind my way around to eventually end up at Wallasey. Bizarrely the map indicates "Spaceport" as I head towards the A59 and the Wallasey tunnel (toll number 4). The route then runs along the docks, and out of Liverpool to Crosby, through Southport and on to Preston. Preston is almost famous for it's relation to motorways, so I'll be on the other side of the town and avoiding them all. Next up will be Blackpool, right along the seafront and then up round Fleetwood and onto what looks like a very faffy road, the A588. Eventually the A588 reaches Lancaster, though it makes a bit of a meal of it. Through Lancaster, down to Heysham and then into Morecambe and the day is done.

Bridges just aren't quite so impressive sometimes... © Copyright Tom Richardson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
My directions for the day are thus (town driving making them long-winded again...):
  1. A55, off second junction to A5, back on again
  2. Off next junction to A4080
  3. Right at Llanfaelog, unsigned
  4. A4080 to A5 across Menai Bridge
  5. Follow A5, stay straight through Bangor back to A55
  6. After Conwy Tunnel, A546 to Llandudno
  7. On seafront, 4th right is A470, unsigned.
  8. Follow One-Way system, round right then A470 signed
  9. A470 back to A55
  10. A55 to A548 to Ryhl
  11. Long stretch of A538 to A550 n/b
  12. Left on A540 up to Hoylake
  13. A553 to Moreton
  14. In Moreton, left at r/b onto A551
  15. In Wallasey right then left at R/bs to stay on A551
  16. Follow signs for A551 to Seacombe
  17. Left at T/L by Tesco Express then first right
  18. Right onto A554
  19. Follow signs to Liverpool/Wallesey Tunnel
  20. Left out of tunnel, then left and left again towards Docks
  21. Right at T-junction onto A5036
  22. 12th right is A5058 by Regent Maritime hotel
  23. Left onto A556, follow through Crosby, to and through Southport
  24. A59 for Preston
  25. Left slip off A59, to A5072, A583 for Blackpool
  26. A584 to Lytham St Anne's
  27. Follow A584 along Blackpool seafront
  28. A587 to Fleetwood follow signs then right at T-junction
  29. Left at mini-roundabout
  30. Right at r/b onto A585 towards Preston
  31. Follow A585 then right onto A588 to Hambleton
  32. Follow A588 to Lancaster
  33. A6 north through Lancaster; one-way system
  34. Left onto A589 towards Morecambe
  35. A683 towards Heysham
  36. A589 into Morecambe
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