Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Plan Day 3: Slog through South Wales

Plan for Day 3: Bridgwater to Pembroke

(210.3 miles, approx. 6.25 hours driving)

A shorter day, with a lot more directions to follow! Day 3 starts with a trip into Weston-Super-Mare before trundling along to the west side of Bristol and onto the A4. Here's a bland statistic: I'm using every single-digit A-road in Britain at some point in my journey. The A3 was on day 1. It's around this point that I will be hopping onto the M48 (toll number 3) to get across the River Severn and into Wales. Next up comes Newport and a trek right into the middle of Cardiff and down to Cardiff Bay before driving to Barry. That's the Welsh town, not some random bloke standing on the route.

The Tunnel at Butetown that goes under all those scenes from Dr Who and Torchwood...
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Along the Vale of Glamorgan and onto Bridgend I will go. Through Port Talbot and then along the seafront at Swansea before crossing the River Loughor to reach Llanelli. From here on some of the places get somewhat less easy to pronounce. Up to Carmarthen then back to the coast at Tenby before eventually making it into Pembroke.

A surprising amount of this sort of road on Day 3.
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With 4 cities and a number of large towns to navigate my way through, day 3 is going to be a good test of my navigation skills. While I'm not using sat-nav, google street view looks like it may prove indispensable in helping me determine what the sign-posts say in advanced of being there and particularly for identifying routes that aren't signed with their number. Weston and Tenby were particularly lacking in route numbers on signs as you will notice from my directions. Just outside Barry where I want to get from the A4226 towards the somewhat more important A48 the only sign at the time of the Google car passing through was this one, though there is just about a sign on the appropriate exit of the roundabout, which is frankly a bit late. 

My directions that I have written are thus:
  1. A38 to A370 towards WSM
  2. At pier, follow “Taunton, Bristol” then “local traffic”
  3. Right then left at two roundabouts
  4. Follow A370 D/C (M5)
  5. At M5 J21 continue on A370 to Bristol
  6. A370 becomes A3029, over Avon
  7. Left slip road to A4 Avonmouth
  8. Follow A4, after going under M5 keep left to stay on A4
  9. Right at roundabout for A403
  10. A403 to M48
  11. M48 over Severn
  12. Off at next junction to A466 then left at r/b to A48
  13. Stay on A48 until junction for A4232 (cardiff and docks)
  14. Sliproad off immediately to A4161
  15. Stay on A4161 to left at traffic lights for A4160 Penarth
  16. Left at traffic lights onto A4234 and then follow for A4232
  17. After bridge, take slip road to A4055 towards Barry
  18. At Barry, follow A4055, then at one way take A4050 towards M4
  19. Left at roundabout onto A4226 (Llantwit M)
  20. Right at next roundabout towards Bridgend (A48)
  21. A4222 through Cowbridge
  22. After Bridgend, A4106 to Porthcawl then right onto A4229 (M4)
  23. Across M4 J37, back on A48
  24. In Port Talbot, take A4241 (Ind Est)
  25. Follow A4241 back to A48
  26. Nearly at M4, Keep left to take A483 to Swansea
  27. At Swansea, keep straight for A4067
  28. At University turn right onto A4216
  29. A483 then A484 to Llanelli
  30. At Llanelli A4214 around Asda and back to A484
  31. A484 to Carmathen A40
  32. A477 at St Clears
  33. A478 to Tenby at Kilgetty
  34. Follow main road in Tenby, right at mini-r/b no vehicles ahead, then left at church.
  35. Follow one-way road , Left at miniroundabout
  36. A4319 to Pembroke
  37. Follow one-way system and signs for A4319 Pembroke Dock
Maps are:

I've also made my first change to my route since starting the blog. I've decided that it was unrealistic to get from Fort William to Inverness in a day so have booked a hotel in Wick instead. It makes the next day longer, but there are more chances to "drive directly there" when going from Wick to Edinburgh than from Fort William to Inverness if I get really held up of something else goes wrong part way during the day. 

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