Friday, 30 March 2012

Plan for Days 12 and 13: Bringing it on home.

It all starts tomorrow! Of course, just my luck that the country seems to have lost track of it's senses regards buying petrol just as I'm going to need to buy petrol almost every day for 12 days, but hey ho, I'll cope. Pretty full up at the moment so at least I'll get to Torquay, which I hear is a lovely place and that it wouldn't be dreadful to get stuck there. It also looks like the weather's going to have enough of being gloriously sunny from about tomorrow. *rolls eyes*

The routes all planned, I've worked out where all the places I'm staying in actually are (the Ramsgate Travelodge was particularly tough to find on a map), the technology has been tested (so I can blog when I'm away), got an app so I can shout at my phone and it'll take pictures hands-free in the car, just got to print the directions, clean the car, and actually pack my suitcase. So that's it really! Will update you tomorrow from Torquay.

What's that? Oh, I haven't done the plan for days 12 and 13. Well, I know where I'm going, but I should let you know too really shouldn't I?

Route for day 12: Great Yarmouth to Ramsgate
(215 miles, approx. 7 hours)

Day 12 starts by heading south out of Great Yarmouth towards Ipswich and across the epic Orwell Bridge. Through Colchester and bypassing Chelmsford there's then a lot of faffing around. In and out of Southend, through Thurrock and Grays and eventually onto the A282 to cross the Thames at Dartford. Yes, for the uneducated, the Dartford Crossing is not part of the M25, said motorway starts and finishes a little bit either side. It is tolled though, my last toll, bringing the total to 8. The total cost for them all is about £15. I've also realized that that Tamar bridge is free to get into Cornwall, which means I'm only paying 7 tolls. Which is enough really.

Through Gravesend, Rochester and Gillingham and then onto the A2, the final of the single-digit A-roads. This leads me through Sittingbourne and Faversham before heading north to Whitstable and Herne bay, through Margate and down to Ramsgate.

Route for day 13: Ramsgate to Worthing
(119.3 mi, approx. 4.5hours)

Easy day to end with. Down through Deal to Dover then Folkestone, then it's pretty much


followed by


the whole way back to Worthing. There's a little bit of A269 that is closer to the coast in Bexhill, but that's it.

Directions for day 12:

  1. A149 onto A12, follow through Lowestoft
  2. Follow A12 to Ipswich (A14)
  3. A14 across Orwell Bridge
  4. Junction after bridge, left onto A137
  5. Follow A137 into Colchester
  6. At double r/b, left A133 Clacton
  7. At magic roundabout, follow "Hythe" (lorries)
  8. Follow signs for A134, then A1124 Lexden
  9. Follow A1124 to A12
  10. A12 to Chelmsford
  11. At junction take A130
  12. At junction take A1245 Battlesbridge
  13. Left at roundabout onto A129
  14. Right then left at mrb for A1015
  15. Left onto A127
  16. Straight on at 2 r/b onto A1159
  17. Right onto A13, follow towards Thurrock
  18. At junction take A1089
  19. Off at junction for Chadwell, then left onto A126, Grays
  20. Follow A126, town centre then Purfleet
  21. A126 back to A13
  22. A282 across Thames
  23. Off at next junction, A206 Swanscombe
  24. Follow A226 to Gravesend
  25. Follow A226 Highham
  26. At roundabout, A289 Gillingham, follow, through tunnel
  27. Follow A289 back to A2
  28. A2 towards and through Sittingbourne
  29. After Faversham, A229 towards Whitstable
  30. Take A2290 through Whitstable, back to A229
  31. At Roundabout, A28 to Margate
  32. A255 Broadstairs
  33. Follow to Broadstairs, right before 20 zone
  34. Left at roundabout on to Ramsgate

Directions for Day 13:

  1. Back to A253
  2. Follow A253
  3. A229, A256 towards Dover
  4. At roundabout, A258 to Deal
  5. Follow A258 through Deal and then to Dover
  6. A2 to at Dover towards docks, then A20
  7. At Folkestone off at junction for A260 towards t/c
  8. Follow A260 and town centre
  9. Follow one-way and signs for A259 Hastings
  10. A259 to Worthing, A269 in and out of Bexhill

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