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The Plan Day 10: Edinburgh and North-East England.

Plan for Day 10: Rosyth to Scarborough
(249 miles, approx 8.5 hours)

I'll start with a bit of an update on the A890 situation: it is open some times when vehicles are being escorted along the railway line. Bit like a giant level-crossing. Still may be of no use to me depending when I'm likely to be there. Could use the ferry, but priority is given to local traffic and I don't know how long I would have to wait. Might get away with being local though if I wear a kilt and put on a Scottish accent... 

Day 10 will likely be all about returning back to England and then generally getting lost. If I tell you I will be driving through Edinburgh, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool you'll get the idea. The directions list for this one is looooooooooong.
To make up for not actually being on an A-road when I entered Scotland I'll leave via the A1.
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The day starts by trundling over the Forth Road Bridge and into Edinburgh, skirting past the port of Leith and the Royal Yacht Britannia. The A1 (single-digit A-road number 8) will be my friend for a long part of the morning, with various diversions to visit the places it bypasses. North of Berwick I will of course return to England having left 4 days before. I'll leave the A1 at Alnwick as it decides to head to more central parts and start the long slog through the towns and cities of the North-East. My first toll for a long time will be paid to use the new Tyne Tunnel. This will be toll number 5. I probably should be thankful that Scotland scrapped all it's road tolls and in turn has saved me some money! 
Looks fun.
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Through Gateshead, Sunderland and Hartlepool, yet another toll will occur in Middlesborough at the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge. I was debating whether or not this counted as a ferry, but thought the clue was in the name really. For those unfamiliar with what a transporter bridge is, basically the vehicles sit on a platform suspended from the actual bridge structure which is then hauled across. I checked it runs on Bank Holidays and even though the alternative isn't that far I thought it looked like fun! Next is Redcar and suddenly after all that city and town driving I'll be into the North Yorkshire Moors National Park for the run down to Scarborough. 

Epic list of directions:

  1. A90 across Forth and into Edinburgh
  2. Leftish at t/l, A902 to Leith
  3. Straight on at r/b then left at traffic lights by church
  4. Large r/b, last exit Lower Granton Road
  5. Left at t/l A901 Leith
  6. Follow road, becomes A199
  7. Keep following A199, left at A1 traffic lights for A199 Musselburgh
  8. Left at t/l after bridge in Musselburgh
  9. Follow A199 to A1 for Berwick
  10. Leave at next junction A198 North Berwick
  11. Follow A198 to and through North Berwick
  12. At end of A198, Left for Berwick (A1)
  13. At roundabout, A1087 for Dunbar
  14. Follow A1087 through Dunbar, right at mr/b in town centre
  15. Left onto A1 for Berwick
  16. Straight after restart of D/C, left onto A1107
  17. Follow A1107 back to A1
  18. A1167 through Berwick and back to A1
  19. Lots of A1, then junction at Alnwick onto A1086, right at both r/bs
  20. At roundabout, A189 to Newcastle
  21. After 2nd river bridge, left at junciton, A193 Blyth
  22. Follow A193 towards Whitley Bay
  23. At A193 in Whitley Bay, follow one way towards town centre
  24. Right then left at T/Ls
  25. Follow A193 signs, right at stop sign in Tynemouth
  26. Left onto A187 at t/l (town centre)
  27. Follow signs for A187 and Tyne Tunnel
  28. A19 Tyne Tunnel
  29. After tunnel, immediately A185 then A194 to South Sheilds,
  30. At traffic lights take A183 (straight on)
  31. Follow signs for town centre then beach
  32. Continue on A183
  33. Road becomes A1018 at one-way, across Wearmouth Bridge
  34. Left after bridge to stay on A1018
  35. Follow A1018 to A19
  36. Off at junction, A1086 Easington
  37. Follow A1086 in to Hartlepool
  38. Left at r/b A1049 Headland
  39. Right at end of road (A1048)
  40. Straight on at r/b A179
  41. Left at t/l A178 Seaton Carew
  42. Follow A178, across MTB
  43. Right before low bridge
  44. At A66, left towards Teesport
  45. Follow A66 then right onto A1085 for Redcar
  46. At stop, left across L/C then first right
  47. Follow A1085 to A174
  48. A174 to Whitby
  49. At T/L in Whitby straight on for A171 Scarborough
  50. Left at mrb, A165 to Scarborough
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