Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Actual Trip: Day 13

Hello from Worthing! Yes, I made it home just after midday today. Not a great deal to report, other than the already known fact that the A259 is very long and not very fast.

Started the day nice and early and set out down through Deal and on to Dover. Always a great view coming down the A2 into Dover as the road sweeps out over the port. Onto the A20 towards Folkestone and good progress was being made. Round Folkestone I think I just about followed the route and then it was onto the A259 for about 90 miles. A road of varying quality, highlights include squeezing down the main road in Rye, the inexplicable hairpin at Winchelsea and two level crossings across the same bit of railway line in the space of a mile. After all that fun I got to Hastings.

Hastings was ok, and not too busy. Until the end of the seafront that is where it was a slow and constant traffic jam to the other side of Bexhill as the police had closed the road through Bexhill itself. Took ages. Was fairly quick after that though and I can't tell you how tempting the turning for the A27 at Pevensey was! However, I remained on our dear old friend, the A259. On to Eastbourne where it was again a bit busy and then the best scenery of the day as I headed over the downs to Seaford. All was then quite straightforward through Newhaven and Brighton and onto Shoreham and Lancing. I cannot believe that the roadworks at the traffic lights at Brooklands are still going on, but hey, there was my final traffic jam. Oh, apart from the work on the traffic lights in West Worthing; gonna enjoy then when I'm back at work next week. Slightly amazed, I ended up back where I started at the Shaftesbury Avenue traffic lights, and then home.

So there it was! A smidge over 3500 miles, 13 days and a fantastic time was had. Certainly lots of memories : ) Some thank-yous:

  • Citroen, for making my car which served me so well.
  • Travelodge, for providing cheap accommodation almost everywhere.
  • The Imperial Hotel, Fort William and The Nethercliffe Hotel, Wick, for providing accommodation where Travelodge wasn't.
  • The people at Sabre who suggested that someone could do this.
  • Absolute Radio, for keeping me entertained.
  • BBC Radio 2, for when I couldn't pick up Absolute Radio.
  • Most importantly, my family, friends and anyone else who has been following my travels and reading my rambles!

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